Common Mistakes People Make While Undertaking Home Décor And Interior Design

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Home décor and interior design experts possess the resources and creativity to guide you through the process of redesigning the interiors of your home. Based on your budget, inputs and how you envision your designed home, they offer you a range of options. Whether it’s space planning, color coordination, fabric or furnishing selection a professional will assist you to choose that option which best suits your home design criteria.

There are hundreds of design shows, interior design magazines, and social media channels already inspiring us to put together the perfect interior design space. Unfortunately, while it seems simple enough, there are a variety of challenges when it comes to great home décor and interior design. With a little help from experts, you can avoid costly mistakes and create an interior design space that makes you feel balanced and happy.

To help you to overcome common pitfalls while designing your home, Urban 57 Home Decor & Interior Design has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make while undertaking Home Décor and Interior Design.  

1. Not planning scale and proportion.

Aesthetic appeal is an important aspect of home décor and interior design. Choosing furniture that is too large or too small can make a room feel out of sorts. The proportion of furniture for the size of the room is also vital and allows for the right flow throughout the space.

2. Painting before choosing your rug and textile colors.

The right blend of colors and contrast is known to breathe life into the rooms of a home. Finding an inspiration piece such as an heirloom rug, art, or throw pillows in your favorite color scheme can be the perfect jumping off point for a room design. This can subsequently inspire the color of the walls to create the perfect backdrop.

3. Not paying enough attention to lighting.

Even though lighting plays a salient role in home décor and interior design and is essential to a well functioning room, people often don’t think about the importance of good lighting. The colors incorporated in the lighting, as well as the placement are both equally important. It is essential to consider the task at hand and what needs to be illuminated in the room before choosing fixtures and lamps.

4. Failing to get the eclectic elements to work in harmony.

While we would like to mix and match different elements to create an aesthetic home décor and interior design, we often fail to ensure harmony among the elements. Creating a cohesive feel requires unifying elements such as common lines, colors, or shapes. Eclectic harmony can be a tricky proposition, and it’s always best to seek professional advice.

5. Not seeking professional help and doing the work alone.

While one may believe that there is nothing complex about home décor and interior design a person often finds the task daunting and overwhelming if he or she rushes into it alone. Designing a room can take time and often requires expert advice on how to use space and design so that the aesthetic appeal of the room comes forth. Working with an experienced designer to offer a few tips can make a huge difference and gives you the confidence to finish your space.

Urban 57 Home Decor & Interior Design would like to partner with you to help you to avoid these common mistakes as well as other home décor and interior design mistakes which may creep in while you design your home.

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