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Defined simply, a chandelier is just a hanging light fixture with multiple sources of light. In the classic sense (think Phantom of the Opera), the chandelier is a defining aspect of a room — an eye-catching display of light, magnified and refracted through a series of hanging prisms. Modern designs tend towards a simpler aesthetic, but whether your tastes are classical, retro, Western, Art Deco or minimalist, Urban 57 can provide the chandelier you are looking for.

Where Should I Put a Chandelier?

There are chandeliers for any room, depending on the size of the space, its design and your personal sense of style. In any room, however, there are some suggestions you should follow when selecting a chandelier:

Size — one rule of thumb suggests taking the length and width of the room and adding those numbers (20’ x 20’ would add up to 40, for example). Now compare the diameter of your chandelier to that number. Anything above it is probably too large. Anything below that number might seem too small. Ultimately, you must decide.

Consider the Ceiling — if your ceiling joists are not designed to accept a chandelier, some “behind the ceiling” preparations will be needed to bear the weight of heavier chandeliers.

Do Not Crowd the Walls — Chandeliers are not meant to bump up against the architecture. Make sure you have the space for installation.

If One is Good…— You can go with more than one chandelier if you choose a smaller size. For certain designs this works better, as it evens out the light throughout the room and can provide a stunning design element.

Visit Urban 57 to find out more about when, where and how to place a chandelier in your Sacramento home.