Custom Draperies

Concepts for Custom Curtains

Windows tend to follow certain common construction patterns and that allows curtains and drapes to come in average lengths and sizes that fit most customers’ needs. Of course, there are always exceptions and when you try to dress exceptional windows with standard curtains the results are less than stellar. Plus, many of the Sacramento clients of Urban 57 are simply not satisfied with the usual offerings and want a customized look for their window treatment. To satisfy these savvy consumers, we offer custom draperies.

Much like tailored suits or dresses, custom draperies are created to exactly fit a specific window, room and interior design. They are available in myriads of combinations of material, color, texture, and weight. Here are some of the most important things to consider when ordering custom drapes.

Fabric and Fit

We already mentioned that the choices in fabric for custom drapes are limited only by what is available from our worldwide suppliers. And almost any fabric can be adapted for drapes (and vice versa, if you recall a dress worn by Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind). So if you have a certain item in one room that you absolutely love and you want the drapes to match it, Urban 57 can help you do that.

As for fit, custom draperies are tailored specifically to the window accordingly to design standards. If you have specific needs, based on the requirements of your client or household, Urban 57 can meet those as well.

Fullness or Width

When the curtains are open, they reside at the side of the window. Style dictates that there always be more fabric than necessary to cover the window. This creates a sense of fullness, both when the drapes are closed and when they are open. The need for fullness necessitates that drapes be wide enough to cover a window whether they will actually be used as a window covering or simply left open as a design element. This harkens back to when draperies were necessary, not just to block out sunshine, but to insulate the house from winter weather. The width and fullness of your draperies is determined through consultation with Urban 57.


Drapes can be light and breezy, as in a tropical bungalow, or thick and weighty, as you might see in a palace or grand hotel. Typically, drapes with more heft are preferred. To allow for the nighttime delta breeze during Sacramento summers, you may still decide that a lighter heft is appropriate for your needs. This decision applies to both the primary fabric of the curtain, as well as the material chosen for the lining.

Level of Workmanship

Ready-made drapes tend towards simpler stitching to allow for faster manufacturing. Custom drapes almost always feature far better workmanship. Of course, better stitching means more time and expense is required to finish the drapes. Urban 57 can provide examples of the various types of stitching that affect the appearance, durability and price for your custom drapes.

Accent Fabrics

A custom drape, like a custom picture frame, should include accent colors. It is recommended that besides the main fabric and the lining, there should also be an accent fabric and trim. This allows the thoughtful designer to incorporate other elements, in the room and the environment outside the window, into the drapes.

The overall effect of custom draperies is far more pleasing than what is available in ready-made curtains. To give your Sacramento home the ultimate window treatment, consult with Urban 57 about custom drapes.