Sofa Slipcovers

Living Room Furniture in Sacramento Area

Reasons for Buying a Sofa Slipcover

Normally you make certain to select a sofa that you really like. So why would you want to buy a slipcover and then just hide it behind another layer of fabric? Here are some common reasons why our clients decide to go with a couch slipcover for their Sacramento home.

A Change in Circumstances

Things happen, life changes, and the unexpected becomes the reality. There are some ugly words out there (divorce, illness, bankruptcy) that sometimes mean that family members come to live with us, and with them are pets, children or habits that lead you to fear for your fine furniture. The slipcover protects your fabric from the trials of visiting family.

A Change in Tastes

You may have loved the bold pattern on that couch when you first bought it, but with time it is starting to look dated. Or perhaps a sofa was terrific with one color of wall paint or carpet, but a minor remodel makes it stand out in the wrong way. If the cushions are still comfortable, though, and you otherwise love sitting or lounging on it, getting a slipcover is the perfect solution. While reupholstering a piece of furniture can often be accomplished without significantly changing its comfort characteristics, many clients just don’t want to chance it and opt for a modern slipcover.

That Unfortunate Spot

In many sad scenarios, a sofa falls prey to the unremovable stain. While it works just fine with some cushions to simply flip them over (see a certain episode of Seinfeld), other couches are not made this way. And stains don’t always fall on cushions either, but seem equal opportunity for hitting the armrest, the backrest or anywhere else too. Again, if you love the way the couch functions, just not the way it looks, the slipcover might be the way to go.

If your furniture and life fits any of these circumstances, contact the design specialists at Urban 57 for a free consultation on how to measure for slipcovers. Then return and select the cover that fits your couch and your style.