Lighting Store in Sacramento Area

Lighting is a key element for any interior design. A large part of our time at home is spent in the early morning and the evening, when light is essential to enjoy the comfort a house provides. This light serves two purposes: it can be decorative, or it can be functional. Exceptionally designed lighting can actually meet both objectives. Urban 57 provides such exceptional fixtures that add to the interior design while guaranteeing the safety and usefulness of your Sacramento living space.

General Lighting and Interior Design

For general illumination, Urban 57 has a wide variety of floor and ceiling lamps available. These lights brighten your room and your world, making it safe to navigate while you enjoy and use your space. Modern and contemporary designs complement your interiors by adding both beauty and functionality.

Accent Lighting and Interior Design

Accent lights provide illumination for the parts of your house that bring you pride and joy. Artwork, architectural features, collections, and other precious elements of your décor deserve highlighting, and accent lights do just that. Ceiling lights, sconces, track lighting and more are available to accent what you love about your home.

Task Lighting and Interior Design

When you need the perfect light for reading, writing, crafts, art, and other activities, task lighting from Urban 57 is up to the job. With quality task lighting, you want more than just brilliant illumination. You also want lighting that’s appealing to look at, easy to work with and comfortable for the eyes. Explore and try out the options in our showroom to select the right task lighting for your home.

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