Dining Room Furniture Sacramento

Next to your bed, the table where you eat everyday is the single piece of furniture that you use most often. Combine it with the chairs you sit at when using the table and you have a furniture pairing that serves an important purpose in your home. It needs to be durable, comfortable and pleasant to look at, day after day.

For many families, a fine dining room table and chair set is treated like an heirloom. As one family member passes it to another, it carries the many fond memories of special dinners and celebrated occasions to another blossoming household.

In addition to the table, the central piece of any dining room, you may also need sideboards, serving tables or even a table that converts to become a gaming table! The surge in board gaming finds many families and households using the dining room table and seating area as the site of their nighttime and weekend entertainment, not just the place where they eat.

For all the many uses of dining rooms, from formal to casual, Urban 57 is prepared to meet your interior design style and needs. On this page you can see a sampling of the many fine offerings from our nationwide and international manufacturers. For more information, visit our individual furniture webpages or ask for a free consultation with one of our skilled Sacramento interior designers.