Fabric Sofas

Custom Upholstery Furniture in Sacramento Area

Fabric is the predominant choice for sofa upholstery. It provides the greatest number of options in design, color and feel. Just about every type of fabric is available for use as upholstery material, but here are the most common options found at our Sacramento furniture store.

Linen Sofas

Linen is preferred for the way it drapes around the shape of the sofa. An elegant fabric, it is also rather lightweight. Heavier linen weaves can stand up to regular use, but the lighter weights should be reserved for couches you expect to use in more formal settings, or for a room that receives frequent updates.

Chenille Sofas

Chenille is prized for its soft feel and comforting texture. It also offers the opportunity for raised design elements as part of the fabric. While it lasts a long time, it again may not be the best selection for a busy family room.

Cotton Sofas

Cotton may not inspire confidence for its durability. After all, how tough can a little puffball be? Then you remember that denim is made from 100% cotton. Cotton can be woven very tightly, giving it the ability to stand up to repeated use. It is also available in a wide variety of colors, weave patterns, and styles.

Velvet Sofas

Velvet fabric does more than just look comfortable — it is comfortable! Velvet may seem like a poor choice for a long-term furniture investment, but synthetic velvets that feel like natural fibers are quite durable and look beautiful.

Wool Sofas

Wool has excellent durability in general and is therefore suitable for family use. Like your carpet, however, stains must be cleaned up immediately and with care. In exchange for slightly more maintenance, you get significantly better wear over the long-term.

Silk Sofas

Silk represents the ultimate luxury material, with a sheen and appearance that is absolutely majestic. This is a sofa fabric to treat with care, however, and it is not suitable for families with pets (scratches from claws are disastrous) and active children. Silk blends are tougher and able to stand up to greater use.

Sofas with Synthetic Blends

Many different natural fibers are available in fabrics that blend them with synthetics to provide added strength and color retention. These couches are perfect for family rooms, man caves, game rooms and living rooms that are actually “lived in” on a regular basis.

For more information about all of the various fabric options available for couches and sofas, visit the Urban 57 showroom and consult with one of our interior designers!

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