Urban 57 Paint Consulation Service in Sacramento, CA

What is a Paint Consultation?

Paint consultations provide expert guidance in selecting hues that evoke desired emotions and enhance spatial dynamics, promising a palette that harmonizes with your lifestyle and aspirations. 

At Urban 57 we offer color consultations for interior and exterior spaces. 

Our newest service has two options to fit your exact project needs. Please read below for more information. 

For more information you can contact the showroom 916-476-6190 or visit us at 5601 H St. Sacramento. 

Interior Paint Consultation

This service is to help the client choose colors for a space. Our designers will consider the client's style, needs, budget, and the space itself to create a cohesive color scheme that works well for the area. 

Service starts at $249 and includes 2 color themes. 

For additional colors, it is $75 for an extra 2 color themes. 


Exterior Paint Consultation

Much like our Interior paint consultation, our designers will gather key details to your exterior goals. This service is an in depth consultation. Considering all exterior elements such as: exterior paint, trim, shutters, window treatments, garage and front doors, exterior lighting, fences and other elements on our clients home. This allows us to provide a theme that combines all exterior features and help you make selections on new additions to your homes overall look. 

Service charge: $399





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FAQ for Paint Consultations

What does the paint consultant do? 

In essence, a color consultant assists in selecting optimal colors for your home. Their role involves considering your home's elements, furnishings, and preferences to recommend a cohesive color scheme that enhances your space. They provide precise recommendations on which paint colors to use in specific areas.

Why is a paint consultation important? 

A paint consultant will assist in unifying your decor. From selecting wall paint to coordinating furniture and accessories, they'll guide you through considerations of space size, color harmony, and accent pieces, ensuring these elements blend seamlessly together.

How long is a color consultation? 

A personal paint consultation is a 1 hour service designed to discover and celebrate you - using a sophisticated process and principles of color theory. 



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