A Beginner’s Guide To Staging Your Home For Sale

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When it comes to selling a home, it’s essential to make a buyer fall in love with your property and want to live there. Home staging is a process that plays a crucial role in sealing the deal by presenting your home in a way that it appeals to the largest possible audience. 

Home staging has become the go-to technique for a quick home sale in recent years as it transforms homes into a more welcoming environment that caters to potential buyers. It allows buyers to focus on the positives of your home and helps them visualize living in your space. 

To improve your prospects of finding a buyer, Urban 57 Home Décor & Interior Design has put together a Beginner’s Guide to staging your home for sale. By following this guide, you as a seller, can avoid costly mistakes and sell your house quicker and at the best possible price. 

Getting Started

Understand your buyer: To sell your house for the best possible price and in the shortest amount of time, you have to first think in terms of the buyer. Gauge their taste and preferences by placing yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Figure out not only what buyers would be excited to see in your house but also look for elements that they can connect with on an emotional level.

Next Steps

Work with a professional stager: Experienced home stagers have the knowledge to showcase key elements of your home that make an excellent first impression on buyers. The home stagers at Urban 57 Home Décor & Interior Design portray a lifestyle to potential buyers that they aspire to have just by using the right kind of furniture and accessories.

Declutter, clean, and repair: Before you place your home on the market, eliminate the turn-offs such as clutter that has accumulated over the years. Also, clean your home thoroughly and complete all the repair work in advance. Do not skip out on updating outdated items in your home.

Advice From The Pros

Ask a home stager for references: Before hiring a home stager, check their portfolio or photos of their past work. You can also ask for references or speak to people who’ve worked with them. This way, you can make sure you work with an expert that is in line with the look you are after.

Invest in home staging: Did you know that the average increase in home value is 6.9% when home staged? It is clear that home staging will help sell your property quicker and at a better rate, so investing in a home stager to sell or rent your home is the most practical solution. 

As the go-to home staging experts in Sacramento, CA, at Urban 57 Home Décor & Interior Design, we can meet all your home staging needs. Through our home staging, we position your home as a product that needs to be marketed. We make your house feel like home by not skimping on furniture or accessories and paying close attention to detail. Aside from home staging, we also offer custom upholstery, home furnishings, and interior design services. 

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