Five Essential Tips for Designing Your Living Space

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If you’re in the process of designing your living space, you need to consider how to make the furniture, accessories, and walls aesthetically pleasing, while staying within budget. This makes going through catalogs and picking out fabric and color swatches vital.

However, selecting the right hues and tones to match the surroundings can be a challenge. So if you don’t know where to start when designing your living space, here are some tips to help beautify your environment. Follow these five essential steps to begin designing your living space.

#Tip 1: Set the mood with color
Colors have a profound psychological effect on mood. Bright, lively colors can give you energy and excitement, while a darker, more refreshing color can provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The color yellow can even make you hungry, so consider the functionality of the space. Will the room be mainly used for company and socializing like a living space? Or is it used for something quiet and relaxing, perhaps an office or reading room? So take into consideration the energy of the room and plan the color scheme accordingly.

#Tip 2: Space planning
It’s essential to consider the flow of the room when space planning. Keep in mind how many people will be using it. Space planning is also essential to make sure all the furniture pieces fit correctly. Furniture that is too big makes the room feel overcrowded and uncomfortable, while on the other hand, if the furniture is too small or scarce, the area will feel empty and less cozy.

#Tip 3: Every room needs a rug!
Rugs are an excellent starting point for designing a room, as they come in all sorts of colors and patterns and have the potential to become the main focus. Whether its contemporary, traditional, abstract, muted, or colorful, the rug can provide the base of any design, so start with it and slowly build up the room with the other elements. Rugs provide context for the furniture and can make it easier to visualize where the other amenities should get placed. Rugs also create a warm and cozy feel when laid on tiles or wood flooring.

#Tip 4: Liven up your room with a few plants
Adding a pop of green can brighten up space and make it feel better all around. Plants bring life to a room and can make a massive difference to the vibe by presenting a fresh and more welcoming setting.

#Tip 5: Incorporate your personality
Don’t forget to add a little bit of yourself to the design. Sure, you can choose beautiful furniture, art, and accents for a room, but adding personal touches is what will make you fall in love with the space. It could include family photos, your favorite piece of art, a cool knickknack that you picked up on a trip, or a blanket that you knitted yourself.

To begin designing your interiors, we recommend that you follow these five steps to add a touch of panache to your rooms. Subsequently, If you are looking for a trained eye that pays close attention to detail when conducting interior design in Sacramento, California, reach out to Urban 57 Home Décor & Interior Design. We can help you achieve your perfect home style by providing custom upholstery, interior design consultation, and home staging services.

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