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For households with kids or pets, keeping furniture clean and fresh is next to impossible as spills and stains are a regular occurrence. If this is a reality in your home, reupholstering your furniture may be a recurring expense. Fortunately, to lengthen the life of your furniture against the wear and tear of everyday life, performance fabrics are the perfect solution. They are designed to resist damage and keep your upholstered furniture strong and beautiful.

Performance fabrics are more durable than other fabrics. Typically, this means they are water-resistant, aren’t likely to stain, and are easy to clean. Performance fabrics are sometimes made from materials that naturally possess these qualities, but often, they are made from materials that are treated to enhance their performance.

Performance fabrics are the perfect choice for furniture that will experience more wear. So, if you have a formal sitting area that you rarely use, this isn’t a room where you need performance fabrics. In fact, there are three specific instances where performance fabrics are especially useful.

1. Homes with children
If you have children or frequently host kids in your home, you should strongly consider performance fabrics for your furniture. That way, when your baby spits up on the couch or your family is gathered for dinner, and your toddler drops a meatball on the dining room seat, you don’t have to fret over a hard-to-clean stain or resort to reupholstering. The most durable furniture for kids is leather. It’s about four times more durable than typical material. But leather isn’t a traditional choice for specific pieces of furniture, including dining room chairs.

2. Homes with pets
Children aren’t the only ones who can contribute to extra wear and tear of furniture. Pets can also cause damage to your chairs and sofas. Luckily, performance fabrics are great if you have pets, particularly if you welcome your pets onto your furniture. Pets can scratch material with their claws or can have accidents on your furniture from time to time. If you’re wondering about performance fabrics vs. leather, this is one instance where performance fabrics are likely a better choice. While leather furniture is easy to wipe down, it’s not the best option for pets with claws that might puncture the leather. Performance fabrics are easy to and tend to resist damage from claws and teeth better than leather.

3. Homes with white furniture
If you enjoy the look of white or very light-colored furniture but are afraid that this fabric will show signs of smudging and wear and tear, leading to a dingy appearance, then you should consider performance fabrics. White or light-colored performance fabrics are better equipped to maintain their bright, clean appearance without becoming yellowed or dirty over time. That way, you can continue to enjoy the beautiful, clean color of your furniture, long after delivery.

How much do performance fabrics cost?
Generally, these types of fabrics are more expensive than the average textile. However, the trade-off could potentially be ten times better. Imagine a wine spill on a sofa that no one could clean. If this occurs, your options are to either recover, replace, or live with that stain for many years. On the other hand, performance fabrics can prevent staining, making them an excellent insurance policy if you have kids or pets.

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