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There are several benefits to decorating or redesigning a room in your house. For starters, it enhances the quality of your home, increases the worth of your property in the market, and introduces your style and preferences to your living space. However, an extensive design project can set you back significantly.

The budget for designing a space can change drastically depending on the area, the scope of work, and the quality of the furniture you want. Usually, to decorate say, a living room (this includes a sofa, rug, accent chairs, side tables, and a coffee table), you’re likely to spend anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000. That being said, it is entirely possible to create a space for a minimal budget, which can be around $5,000 or less. Of course, with a small budget, some elements will need to be sacrificed, like the amount of furniture or quality.

To help you appropriately moderate your needs and expenses, the experts at Urban 57 Home Décor & Interior Design, have listed a few steps to help you design a space on a budget.

Get your priorities straight
When dealing with a small budget, think of your priorities first. For instance, when designing a living room, typically, the priority is the sofa, so it’s good to start there. The rest of the space can be completed with baby steps to make it less overwhelming. Once the project is actually complete, you can finally relax and enjoy your space. It is always worth it to complete your project even if it takes time to put the money together for your requirements as an unfinished space will never feel satisfied.

Figure out your budget
Going in blindly, or without a clue of how much money you want to spend on a renovation project can make the process frustrating and complicated. Preparing a budget, on the other hand, helps you prioritize what to look for first and what your price limitations are. Moreover, when making your budget, maybe at $6,000, try to maintain a little bit of wiggle room for certain elements that may increase your expenses.

Do some research
Get a really good feel for the project and how much designing it will actually require. At the same time, consider the answers to these essential questions while doing your research:

a. How many rooms you need to decorate and how much work will go into each room?

b. What is a reasonable amount you will most likely spend on each room?

c. What are your expectations?

d. How many decorative pieces do you need, and what quality are you looking for?

e. Do you want a fully completed room with beautiful pieces that will last you a long time or are you willing to compromise a little bit on some of these items?

The answers to these questions will shape your ideas and help you decide if your budget is sufficient.

Determine what’s most important
Identify which items are essential to you when working on a space. For example, one considerably important piece of interior décor is a rug. Rugs are very important for a room, as they set the context for the furniture and make the space feel cozier and more welcoming. Sometimes, it is smart to start with the rug because you can base the rest of the room’s design off of it. Also, once you get this primary requirement out of the way, you’ll know how much money you have left to spend on other necessities.

Ask about financing and cash discounts
You can really bring down the costs of your renovation needs with product and service discounts, so be sure to ask your vendors if they have special offers lined up. Similarly, financing services like monthly installments can help spread the burden of your expenses. At Urban 57, our goal is to make you happy by working with your budget and expectations and making sure your goals are achieved. But, in case you find that our products and services don’t meet our basic rates, know that we offer different financing solutions and a 5% cash discount to help ease the buying process.

Find the right furniture resources and connections
When you think about furniture resources, your mind might go to a few places. Some furniture stores have beautiful, long-lasting furniture but their prices are sky-high. Other vendors may have reasonably priced and attractive furniture, but their quality is significantly low. Without access to many vendors, your options are limited. But with Urban 57, you’ll have access to hundreds of the vendors we are connected with. Many of these furniture providers offer mid-high quality furniture that doesn’t break the bank. To check out their offerings, you can come in and browse our catalogs, or you can visit our website and look at our vendors online. Not to mention, our showroom has several beautiful pieces that you can see and take home that day itself.

Which parts of your decorating project should you spend less on?
Based on your priorities, you can determine what parts of your project, you can spend less on. For example, individual pieces of furniture have a lower importance of quality than others. It is wiser to splurge more on a sofa that you and your family will use every day, rather than side tables. Moreover, you might want to spend more money on rooms that are used more often, like a living space or kitchen, rather than a spare bedroom.

Which parts of your project should you splurge on?
Try to budget more for what will be used more and items that will cost more to replace if damaged. Everyone has different priorities, but an excellent example of a common high priority element is a rug. Like we mentioned earlier, a rug is a great piece to start with in a room, and a higher quality rug has more benefits.

Consider this, handmade wool rugs can be more expensive than a machine-made viscose or polypropylene rug. But, a wool rug will not only last longer it will also be flame-resistant, water-resistant, and stain-resistant. It will even clean the air in your home. Not to mention, the durability of a wool rug is unmatched.

Now, you could also go with something less expensive like viscose, but beware if you spill anything on a viscose rug, it is basically done for. You can’t even get viscose professionally cleaned. Any cleaning solution, even mild detergent, will destroy viscose beyond repair, so you would have to buy a new one.

Bottom line
To ensure you stay within your budget when designing or renovating a room, make sure that you prioritize certain elements first. Take baby steps when completing a project, and if you feel overwhelmed, ask for help. Designing a space can be very overwhelming when you don’t have the knowledge and guidance to get through the process. For this reason, it’s essential to go slow and hire help. At the same time, don’t stress over the tiny details right from the start. Start with a central focal point and grow the project from there. Most importantly, remember to have fun with it.

If you’d like to know more about interior design and what to expect when planning a space, don’t be afraid to stop in and chat with our experts at Urban 57 Home Décor & Interior Design. As a leading home décor and furniture store in Sacramento, CA, we can answer any question or concern about interior design to ensure you’re comfortable and educated on the process. With our interior décor and design services, we can help you transform your home into a warm and sophisticated living space, reflecting your personal taste. Nonetheless, you’ll be happy to know that our products and services are available at affordable prices and bound to suit your needs.

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