The Challenges Of Interior Design And How To Overcome Them

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When you decide to renovate your home, there may be several ideas you have and want to execute to personalize your interiors. Unfortunately, if this is the first time you’re handling a renovation or an interior revamp, you may encounter a few hurdles that make it difficult to implement your ideas.

Going into a renovation project with a limited understanding of what it entails can make you feel stressed and exhausted. If you aren’t careful with your choices, it is also possible to experience financial challenges that are difficult to resolve. To help you through these obstacles, the experts at Urban 57 Home Décor & Interior Design, have explained how these interior design problems come about and the best ways to resolve them. 

1. Feeling overwhelmed when designing a space or the entire house.
You don’t realize how much effort actually goes into a renovation project until you start. Depending on your home’s size, it can take months, maybe even longer, to fully design the entire area. Space planning, product research, materials and colors, furniture hunting, accessorizing, etc., all factor into the project timeline. But, with so many varieties of furniture, styles, fabrics, and colors available on different websites and furniture stores, decision making can take even longer. When it comes to grey paint alone, there are thousands of variations to choose from, so you can imagine just how overwhelming the whole design process can get if it takes too long with other elements of the project.

To avoid feeling overburdened with the amount of work and decisions you need to make, try taking baby steps. This is the key to ensuring your project gets done nicely and promptly with minimal stress. To determine how to break up the whole project into smaller parts, you need to step back from your project and prioritize. You can start with the parts of the room that are most important to you. Sometimes it helps to start with one piece and expand from that. You could even begin with your favorite piece of art in that room, and prepare a color scheme that’s inspired by it. If the piece of art is wild and colorful, you might want to consider neutral furniture, so that the eye is drawn to the art. Maybe you can start your space with a rug. If the rug is textured with heavy patterns, make the sofa fabric simple and solid so as not to create too much visual chaos. If the rug is simple or neutral, add color and texture with accent chairs or the sofa fabric.

2. Being unable to find the right designer.
During a renovation or a home spruce-up, hiring a designer is a great idea to help with a design project. They help take off so much pressure when designing a space and offer many good ideas and solutions. But, identifying the right professional for your needs can be challenging. To find a good designer, you need to consider a few facts like your comfort level with the professional you are considering. It’s essential that you and your designer get along well. You should feel comfortable with them and enjoy the experience of working together. Similarly, your designer must design for you. After all, it’s your space, not theirs, which means that they need to put their style aside when working with you to design interiors that match the ideas you have in mind.

3. Finding it hard to design a space with a small budget.
You may have very limited options when you don’t have tons of money to spend on a renovation project. But, with adequate preparation, you can certainly pull off a great job. All you need to do is prioritize the parts of the room that are the most important to you along with the accessories that will mean the most or will be used the most. When designing a living space, people often start with the sofa. A sofa is something that will be used every day by the whole family, so it is an item you should dedicate more of your budget to so that you can have a good quality one that lasts a long time. This will mean that a priority piece will be more expensive too. As a result, you’ll want to segregate your needs to determine which aspect you need to spend more on and those that will cost less.

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