How To Decorate A Small Space

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Decorating a small space doesn’t have to be a big challenge, as the general rules of design are the same for all areas. What you’ll require is the ingenuity of design and a good eye for what works in your space.

However, if you are unaware of interior design concepts and are unsure of what would look great in your snug space, you may find it challenging to spruce up the place. There are also chances that you may end up cluttering the room with things that look pretty but stand out awkwardly. To help you efficiently plan and decorate so that your house appears roomy and inviting, we’ve listed a few steps on how to decorate a small space.

1. Beware of clutter
As a general note, less is more when it comes to creating a well-designed small space. When you don’t have a lot to work with, you need to keep the amount of stuff you have down to a minimum. Be mindful of the amount of space you allow between furniture and avoid leaving unnecessary items on tables and countertops.

2. Get rid of the things to don’t need
One benefit of living in a smaller space is that you are forced to really edit down the number of belongings that you have in your home. In turn, you end up getting rid of the things that don’t really serve a purpose in your life, which can be a very enlightening and rewarding experience. Unnecessary things run the risk of overcrowding your space, and as a result, must be removed.

3. Look for multi-purpose or folding furniture
Innovative furniture pieces that can double as other things will save you both space and money. Dining tables, desks, and even beds come in versatile styles to make your space bigger or give you more storage solutions. Some furniture pieces can also serve as multi-functioning pieces like dining tables that convert into desks or sofas that double up as beds.

4. Make use of mirrors
Mirrors not only make spaces appear bigger, but they can also add light in a room by reflecting it. Not to mention they’re practical on their own. When adding mirrors to your home, try to get creative. You can have one huge one in the entryway or make a collage of smaller ones like you would do with art. You could probably put one on top of a fireplace mantle or even have mirrored surfaces on tables and shelves.

5. Get sufficient light into the room
A small room without enough light can feel even smaller and depressing. But, with the right lighting, you can make it feel bigger and more welcoming. In addition to letting natural light shine through the windows, use electrical lights throughout your space to bring in more warmth. Utilizing lighting options that don’t take up any prime real estate is the key. Some great lighting options in this regard are string lights, wall sconces, or pendant lighting. They are excellent for spaces that don’t have room for floor and table lamps.

6. Get creative with storage
Try to find ways to store your items without just shoving everything into a closet. There are tons of furniture options that provide extra storage solutions like ottomans with lids with storage inside or beds that have drawers in the frame. You can even hang a shoe rack on your closet door to free more space in the closet or have hanging hooks in the kitchen for pots and pans.

7. Take advantage of vertical space
Give some attention to your walls to create the illusion of more space. By this we mean, play around with taller items and fix your walls with things like shelves and art that add visual interest and vertical depth. Also, when you’re hanging drapes, install the rod only about two inches below the ceiling or crown molding, to add an illusion of extra height.

8. Brighten up the room with plants
Adding greenery and flowers to your small space can make such a big difference in how the area feels. Just be sure not to overcrowd the room with plants. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to keep up with the responsibility of maintaining your plants and flowers, don’t worry- fake plants are fine to use too.

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