Busted! Don’t Believe These Interior Design Myths!

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Home décor and interior design experts not only offer solutions which are creative and aesthetically beautiful but also provide insight into various other aspects of your home, helping you create an efficient space that is a reflection of your personality.

Unfortunately, some people equate beautiful interior designs only with higher costs, suggesting that interior designing can burn a hole in an unadvised customer’s pocket. However, in many cases, an interior designer can save you money by showing where you should spend and where you can save. 

As experts in the field, Urban 57 Home Decor & Interior Design wants to help you steer clear of these misconceptions and false facts. We have done this, by debunking two of the most widely believed myths about interior design.

Myth 1: Higher grade fabric means it’s going to wear better.

“Grade” is just an indicator of how expensive the fabric was to make, and it has nothing to do with the quality or durability of the fabric. Manufacturers have their own grading system. Do not be misled by thinking that if you are paying more for a fabric of your choice, the fabric will perform better. An important take away is that grade is equivalent to the price to create the fabric but provides no direction of the fabric’s performance over a period of time.  

Myth 2: Your mattress must be replaced every eight years, according to the Better Sleep Council.

It’s important to remember that the life of a mattress depends on how you take care of it. A mattress gradually undergoes wear as you sleep on it and how often you turn or rotate it depending on the type of mattress. Sitting on the edge of a mattress a lot, as you relax along different spots also tends to distort the edges of a mattress over time. No hard and fast rule dictates you must change your mattress within a stipulated time frame. You are the best judge of when it’s time to change your mattress. You can identify the right time based on how well you sleep on the mattress and how comfortable you feel when you wake up.   

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths, gain advice and be better informed of how your interior design requirements can be met with superior taste, elegance, and quality reach out to Urban 57 Home Decor & Interior Design.

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