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Meet The Team

Kamran Baghestanian - President at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Kamran Baghestanian


Email: kamran@urban57.com

Kamran grew up in Sacramento, attended Rio Americano High School, American River College, and Sacramento State University, to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. His experience in retail began during his high school years working at Scofield's fine furnishings.' He opened his first store on Arden way, "Kamran's Antiques and Oriental Rugs" in 1991 then moved to East Sacramento, inside the Elvas Center in 1992, doing business as Oriental Rug Bazaar. He is a fourth-generation rug merchant and in the early '90s became one of the youngest oriental rug appraisers in the country.

Soon after, he expanded his business operations to Lodi and then Napa. His business practices earned a #1 ranking for a furniture showroom in San Joaquin County by voters.

During this time he began traveling overseas, to consult and help design furniture and oriental rugs with manufacturers and oriental rug producers. He started importing goods right up until the financial crash in 2008. He continued his consulting role, focusing on dental practices until 2015 when he decided to embrace his passion for interior design and fine furnishings by creating Urban 57 Home Décor & Design with great success in 2015.

Robyn McNelly - Senior Interior Designer at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Robyn McNelly

Senior Interior Designer

Email: robyn@urban57.com

Robyn is our longest tenured designer, after designing for over 20 years and running her own Residential Interior Design firm for 6+ years she moved to the Sacramento area and began working at Urban 57 helping establish the Interior Design Department. She brings expertise in space planning, window treatments, and color schemes. Her clients appreciate her collaborative approach and her commitment to the end result. Her favorite design style is mixing contemporary with Asian influences, creating a monochromatic backdrop with pops of color for whimsy and/or drama.0 .

Shauna Browne - Senior Interior Designer at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Shauna Browne

Office Manager

Email: shauna@urban57.com

Shauna is the heart of Urban 57. She keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. She coordinates orders and deliveries, handles administrative duties and is the point-of-contact for customer service questions and updates. She is the voice at the end of the phone providing status reports on shipments. Outside of work she is a huge sports fan (Go Kings!) and enjoys going boating with her family and friends.

Don Sherwood - Senior Interior Designer at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Don Sherwood

Senior Interior Designer

Email: don@urban57.com

Don is a tenured and revered designer who has been designing homes in the Sacramento area for the past 22 years. He has developed a great understanding of different styles from Mid–Century, Modern Farmhouse, Traditional & Mediterranean. He has also been voted Sacramento’s Best Interior Designer on numerous occasions. He is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a home design that is true to you.

Diana Naumenko - Design Consultant at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Diana Naumenko

Design Assistant

Email: diana@urban57.com

Diana is a soon-to-be designer at Urban 57. She studied design at American River College and is now at Sacramento State University where she is currently studying to be an architect. She does not have a favorite style of interior design because she loves experimenting with all styles of interior design. She specializes in remodels, wall panels, and construction plans and is a great aid for color and design conceptualizaion in the showroom.

Glen Odabashian - Rug & Floor Specialists at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Glen Odabashian

Rug & Floor Specialist

Email: glen@urban57.com

Glen is an expert on all things rug & floor related. He has over 20 years of experience buying, selling, cleaning, repairing, and appraising oriental rugs. He is a helper at heart, which is why he enjoys his time at Urban 57. His favorite kinds of rugs are jewel-toned, tightly woven ones.

Hamid Bagheri - Logistics at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Hamid Bagheri


Email: cs@urban57.com

Hamid handles all of our deliveries and logistic needs. He worked many years as a handyman and has become our resident expert on all things warehouse and repairs. He also helps with upholstery from repairing furniture to sewing fabric.

Julia Porretta - Interior Designer at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Julia Porretta

Interior Designer

Julia earned her degree in Design and Innovation Management with a minor in Art History from Oregon State University. She loves experimenting with texture and merging design styles. She enjoys taking on remodel projects and can help you pick the perfect finishes for your home. Her personal design style is a mix of Parisian and Mediterranean, but this can change weekly.
She loves coffee and camping.

Kristen Truesdail - Store Manager at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Kristen Truesdail

Store Manager

Kristen has 15 years experience in the furniture industry. She gravitates towards bold, eclectic design styles. Her belief is "if you love it, we will make it work!" She has travelled extensively, enjoying various architecture and experiencing cultural home life in multiple countries. In her downtime, she likes to paint and weave, playing with color and texture.

Nastassja Bowman - Marketing Manager at Urban 57 Home Decor Interior Design

Nastassja Bowman

Marketing Manager

Email: nastassja@urban57.com

Nastassja oversees and directs all things marketing, from creating advertising campaigns to increasing brand awareness and developing the company image. She establishes the long term marketing vision and puts steps in place to bring that vision to life. She loves how Urban 57  overlaps the wholesale and retail side of design and the Interior Design profession.