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Leather is the premier material for durable furniture that is rich and bold in appearance. Colorful dyes produce leather couches that go far beyond the basic brown or black. Although a leather sofa is generally more expensive than a comparable design in fabric, the leather sofa should last at least three times as long as the fabric model.

Leather Couches = Easy Maintenance

Leather is also easier to care for and maintain, largely thanks to the fact that it is impervious to dust. That means no more vacuuming the sofa. Just wipe down the cushions, arms and back, check underneath for coins and crumbs, and your couch cleaning routine is complete. Unless the leather is stained, it should not be necessary to use specific cleaning products. Some clients like to maintain a certain look to their leather with moisturizing creams, but you can discuss the need for this with your specific couch when you select it at Urban 57.

What Not to Do with Leather Sofas

Leather is an animal product, and while cured leather resists damage due to its natural strength, it can dry out in the wrong situation. Therefore, it is recommended that leather furniture avoid the following situations.

  • Avoid placing leather in bright sunlight.
  • Pets and leather do not mix well — once punctured or scratched, the damage is permanent.
  • Temperature extremes lead to drying — proximity to a fireplace, heater vents or direct blasts of air conditioning shortens the life of leather.

Leather exposed to such situations would definitely benefit from monthly applications of “moisturizers.”

Types of Upholstery Leather

Quality leather upholstery comes in three styles:

Aniline leather is the most natural form of leather upholstery. No additional protectants are applied to the hide other than the dye, which is soaked in throughout the material.

Semi-aniline is produced much like aniline, but a protective coating is applied during a final process. This coating gives it greater durability and a very even color.

Pigmented leather is real leather coated with a polymer that protects it, while also adding the color. Greater variety is possible due to the polymer coat, but the leather underneath will not look exactly the same as the surface layer. While it is harder to damage this leather, deep scratches may reveal the difference. The aniline products are also softer and more supple than pigmented leather.

For more information about selecting a quality leather sofa for your Sacramento home, contact the helpful interior designers at Urban 57.

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