Nothing says “well-loved home” like custom shutter window treatments. They are timeless, add value to your Sacramento residence, look fabulous year-round from both inside and curbside, and are one of the best décor investments you’ll ever make.

Custom window shutters have some options you’ll need to decide on, but not so many that it makes them a difficult choice. There are a few style considerations and some materials to choose from, but after that all you need to do is enjoy them.

Cottage Shutters

Cottage-style shutters are more popular on the East Coast, but there are some situations that call for them here in California too. With a louver size ranging from 0.75” to 1.25” they have a friendly and unassuming style. They don’t let in as much light as their larger counterparts, but in a relaxed kitchen décor or living space, they are timeless and easy to maneuver.

Café Shutters

Café-style shutters evoke the places they were named for, the French café or bistro. They are typically louvered, and cover only the bottom half of a window. They’re perfect for areas of the house where sunlight control is more of an issue than complete privacy. Their half design gives a cozy feel while letting the upper window stay untreated and open.

Plantation Shutters

By far the most popular style of shutters on the West Coast is the plantation style. When fully open, they let in loads of light, yet provide complete privacy, temperature and sunlight control when closed. With louvers measuring 2.5” to 4.5” in width, they are more stately and impressive than cottage-style shutters, and work beautifully in living and family rooms, dens and bedrooms.

Shutter Materials

Once you make your decision on style, there are a few considerations for the materials used. Real wood shutters are the gold standard. They’re a feature of your living space that adds luxury and permanence, whether in the typical white or in a rich wood grain. Your other choices in shutter materials are vinyl or composite. While these are less expensive, both cottage-style and plantation shutters are a long-term décor decision. They will be a selling point for your home down the line, therefore it’s wise to choose with permanence in view.

Real shutters are a smart and classy choice to dress your windows for success. They save on energy costs, keep your furniture and carpets from fading, allow loads of sunlight when you want it and give you privacy when you need it. Shutters are the perfect option for allergy suffers, because they are cleaned with minimal effort. Besides all that, shutters look great and add luxury to your beloved home. Come into the Urban 57 showroom in East Sacramento to discuss the many shutter window treatment options available.