luxury vinyl flooring

Modern vinyl flooring offers a number of advantages for the interior designer. First is the vast variety of colors available. Second is the tremendous number of patterns to choose from. Third is the considerable number of choices in materials and manufacture that enable a wide array of installation options. There are so many choices to be made in vinyl that for this discussion, Urban 57 is presenting on our website just three different formats of vinyl flooring available for their consideration. The other particulars, such as style, color, pattern and composition, we can help you with and demonstrate inside our convenient Sacramento showroom.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

When people think vinyl flooring, they usually think of sheet vinyl. Created by printing the pattern directly onto the material as it is manufactured, sheet vinyl comes in various thicknesses. The thicker the material, the longer it lasts, and the higher the cost. Of the three vinyl options, sheet vinyl offers the fastest installation. It is readily applied over many other flooring types, making it a preferred choice for remodels.

Incidentally, sheet vinyl is often called “linoleum”, but this is a misnomer. Linoleum was one of the first durable floor coverings to come in sheets and tiles, but it is an all natural product, manufactured from linseed oil, cork gum and pigment. While linoleum today is limited in production, it is still available for those who prefer its natural properties to those of vinyl and other synthetics.

Tile Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is also available as tiles, usually one foot square. The tiles are often stiffer than the sheet vinyl format, requiring a smooth surface for the best installation. Like their sheet vinyl counterparts, vinyl tiles are easily cleaned and relatively durable. They look equally good in a modern design or a refurbished mid-century modern home. They are much harder to pull up if you foresee changing the room in the near future.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

The ability to print nearly any pattern on vinyl has led to the simulated wood floor plank. These planks lay down much like a wood floor, just without the nails. The appearance is similar to that of wood, but without the complicated resurfacing every so many years. Planks also come in designs that mimic stone or ceramic tiles. Obviously, it is considerably easier and cheaper to install a vinyl floor over a stone, ceramic tile or wood floor, making it a wise choice for clients that want to spend their design budget elsewhere.

For more information about your options in vinyl flooring, stop by the showroom of Urban 57. Explain the type of room, including the size, the shape and the nature of the subfloor or foundation and we can help you select the best format of vinyl flooring for your needs. Then we proceed to the interior design and matching the right color and pattern with the furniture and décor of your house or building. Urban 57 — designing spaces that fit how you live!