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When rugs and carpets were first crafted, there were no machines. Woven and knotted by hand on looms, these works of art were, and continue to be, a time-intensive product. Does that mean that a machine-made, or power loomed rug, is not as beautiful? Can a rug or carpet made by a machine still be an elegant addition to your home?

The quality power loomed rugs you find at Kamran's Rug Bazaar are of the highest quality available. Using many of the same materials applied to hand-crafted rugs, a machine-made piece can still be an excellent addition to your home. Whether you’re just starting to furnish a home or have a room that needs the warmth and richness of a fine carpet, Kamran’s offers the designs, textures and colors that add to your home’s livability. We are your resource in the Sacramento area for information on choosing, purchasing, caring for and cleaning all your home’s rugs, including power loomed items.

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Rug Pads — Still Good Investments

Like a handmade rug, a machine-made rug lasts longer on a high quality pad. The pad also protects your flooring from the slight movement experienced by the rug throughout the day. This is especially important with the synthetic fabrics often employed in power loomed rugs. Plus, the pad adds an additional layer of plush comfort to your flooring.

Beautiful Rugs with Budget Pricing

Visit our welcoming showroom to see our vast inventory of quality power loomed rugs. We have multiple styles for any home – from classic to contemporary – in colors that you’re looking for. Find the perfect rug to add richness to your decor at a very reasonable price.

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