Lighting Store in Sacramento Area

Urban 57 offers a wide variety of lamps to accomplish all of your interior design needs. Provide decorative and functional lighting with lamps in any of the major categories: table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and fixtures. Select the lamps that are perfect for your home’s décor at our convenient Sacramento showroom.

Table Lamps

Table lamps provide illumination when your goal is not to light the whole room, but simply a small portion of it. It can be the perfect light for reading a good book, for providing a bit of backlight while viewing the television, or to highlight a special piece of table furniture or objet d’art.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps range from ornate to minimalist, depending on the design of the home. Urban 57 offers these fixed lamps in a wide range of styles. You may purchase valance lighting, recessed lamps, wall sconces and more. Consult with our interior specialists to determine the best wall fixtures for your needs.

Floor Lamps

Well-designed floor lamps can provide far more than just accent or reading light. They can also function to light up an entire room. Distinctive styles are available from Urban 57 to highlight, display and enliven your living spaces.

Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling fixtures are available in a wide array of functional and decorative styles. Through Urban 57 you can both see and purchase from all of these different options:

  • Surface mounted — perfect for adding light to a room or when you need to update fixtures, these lamps attach directly to the ceiling.
  • Cove lighting — provide light from ledges or other hidden areas of your ceiling architecture.
  • Soffit lights — Bathrooms and kitchens often feature soffits and these lamps can also be installed beneath suspended cabinetry.
  • Recessed lighting — Perfect for low ceilings or designs that favor clean architectural lines.

Visit the consultants at Urban 57 to find the best lighting solutions for your interior design.

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